Top 4 Delicious Greek Desserts You Simply Must Try

What’s your favorite dessert? If you’ve never tried any of the famed desserts of Greece, perhaps now is the time to give it a taste and let it become one of your all-time favorites! After having an extraordinary Greek feast, browse the Greek Specialty Dessert menu and choose one of these top 4 dessert delights!

1. Baklava

It’s likely that even if you’ve never tasted Baklava, you’ve probably seen it in a pastry case. It’s a layered dessert composed of filo pastry and filled with chopped nuts and honey. While it can usually be found on Greek menus, no one can pinpoint its origins. The best guess from historians is that it may have been invented in Turkey with the Ottoman Empire and modified in Greece from there. Wherever it started, it is very much a part of the Greek dessert lineup today!

2. Ekmek Kadaifi

Do you like bread pudding? If so, Ekmek Kadaifi is going to be your new favorite dessert. This one also came about thanks to the Ottoman Empire, a divine layered creation of kadaifi dough that bakes up until crispy and golden. It is drenched in a lemon-scented syrup and topped with a thick and creamy custard, then garnished with cinnamon, pistachios, and whipped cream. Are you drooling yet?

3. Galaktoburiko

The traditional Greek dessert of Galaktoburiko is also layered. There are golden layers of crispy phyllo dough that are drizzled with melted butter. Inside, you’ll find a creamy custard and scented syrup that’s irresistible. So much so, that this dessert has been made in Athens’ pastry shops for over 100 years.

4. Karidopita

The rich flavor and unique texture of Karidopita is nothing short of amazing. During festive periods, the people of the Ionian Islands use it to represent happiness and abundance, sharing it with loved ones. It’s a walnut cake that has a heavenly aroma from a blend of cinnamon and ground clove that will soon have you hooked.

You can try each of these Greek Specialty Desserts at Opa Opa Taverna and Bakery. For something lighter, you can enjoy Greek yogurt with organic honey and fruit. These desserts make a perfect finish to an authentic Greek meal. At Opa Opa Taverna and Bakery, you’ll also find many other fresh baked desserts and breads made from scratch on location daily.

Order a slice of chocolate fudge cake or NY cheesecake. Or get a whole cake for the whole family! There are plenty of fresh-baked cakes to choose from by the slice or whole. There are pies, cookies, pastries, and other wonderful things to discover in the bakery.

And if you can’t save room, don’t worry. You can always get it to go and enjoy when you’re ready. Get a little bit of everything and have a big fat Greek celebration at home anytime! Opa!

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